As soon as the connection from your shop to our system is established, shipments can be transferred to our system both manually and automatically. Shipment processing is done in the following order:

1. Import shipments

Shipments from your shop are imported into our system.

2. Release

As soon as the shipments have been imported from your online shop, they will be displayed under the item 'Shipments' in the 'Created' tab. In order for these shipments to be commissioned, you must release them. To do this, simply select the respective programs and then click on the 'Release' button.

Similar to the shop import, you can also automate this step and request "auto-release" of your orders from the online shop. Please contact Customer Support or your Account Manager so that this feature can be activated for you.

3. Processing and sending the shipment

Once your shipment has been released, you can track its status at any time. From processing in the warehouse to final delivery.

Report export | Transparency of shipment processing

Transparency is our top priority and our goal is to give you insights into your logistics at all times so that you can optimize them. For this reason, we give you the option of simply serving your own inventory and downloading your shipment overview with a click.

Inventory Export

This is an overview of your inventory. Simply go to the menu item Inventory in the left menu bar and then click on the "Download inventory" button in the top right of your dashboard.

Shipment report export

Go to Shipments -> Report Export in the left menu bar and select any period to get a detailed report of all your sent shipments during this period. Download the CSV file by clicking on the "Export" button.