Please note that due to DHL leaving the Austrian market, it is currently not possible to ship to Packstation or Postfiliale addresses from Austria to Germany.

To prevent returns that were meant to go to Packstation/Postfiliale addresses, the following points must be noted in the recipient's address:

Name: Name of the Customer

Company: Recipients Post Number - nothing else

Street: Packstation

Hausnummer : Packstation Number

Zip Code: of the Packing Station

Place: City

Land: Country

In order to be able to guarantee a shipment to a packing station, the customer must ensure that the data is transferred correctly into the byrd system, either in the form of a short example on the customers website or by manual correction during import into the byrd system.

Please check out the following example. It might help to ship to a DHL Packstation:

Name: Max Mustermann

Company: 7654321 (Recipients Post number)

Street: Packstation

Hausnumber: 501  (Number of Packstation)

ZIP Code: 12345

Place: Berlin

Land: Germany