What is the Address Validation?

Address Validation (AV) is an optional, paid feature that you can find in your Dashboard's Settings view. Address validation checks the address of every Shipment that enters the your dashboard.

Once enabled, every released shipment will be checked by AV; if the check is successful, the shipment will follow the usual release flow - nothing to do there!

If the address has a wrong format or seems like it doesn’t exist in real world, however, AV will stop the shipment and put it in the “Created" tab. You can then adjust the shipment address (AV will check it again) and then release it as usual; you can also release the shipment with invalid address anyway.

How do I enable/disable the Address Validation?

By default, AV is turned off; to turn it on, go to your Dashboard->Settings->Configurations->Shipment settings.
There you have to check the checkbox under "Enable Address Validation (chargeable)" and save your settings. 

If you want to disable it, just uncheck the checkbox and save your settings.

How much does it cost?

If you want to learn more about the costs for this feature, please reach out to our support (support@getbyrd.com).