There are various requirements and regulations by the customs authorities for shipping orders to countries outside the EU. For detailed questions, please refer to the websites of the respective authorities (e.g. the Federal Ministry of Finance Austria or German Customs). You are responsible for compliance with the legal requirements. 

However, we have collected a few pointers and information here to make things a little easier for you. If you add a shipment in the byrd system whose recipient is located outside the EU, the input field for each product is automatically expanded so that we can generate the required customs documents. The following shipment information is required:

  • Product description and quantity 
  • Value of goods / price per item in EUR (corresponds to sales price in EUR; e.g. 99.90) 
  • Weight per item (in kg; e.g. 0.5) 
  • Customs tariff number (you can find help here
  • Country of origin

Customs must also be provided with the following information:

  • Invoice number 
  • Type of goods (documents, gift, sample, return of goods, other - If it is a sale, please select "other")

Please enter this data truthfully and carefully, otherwise there may be problems and delays in customs clearance. We would like to note that we can only offer help with the export of shipments valued up to 1000 EUR. These fall under the oral export procedure and are therefore easier to process. Higher shipment values must be registered separately with the responsible authorities. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any support in this area. We recommend splitting orders into multiple shipments if the value exceeds this amount.