How to create a shipment manually? (B2C)

Modified on Mon, 20 Jun 2022 at 02:58 PM

In addition to the shop import and the CSV import, it is possible to create a shipment manually. 

How to access the manual shipment creation page? 

To access the manual shipment creation page, you need to be on the Shipments page. Then, on the top right click on “New Shipment” and select “Manually”, as in the image below. 

How to create a shipment manually? 

Once you will be on the page, you will have to fill in all the necessary information : 

  • Choose service → according to your proposal, you’ll have the choice between “Economy”, “Standard” and “Express”. Select the one you need for your shipment and you’ll be charged accordingly to your proposal. 

  • Recipient → you will have two ways of entering the recipient information: by searching for an existing recipient or by creating a new recipient. Then you will be able to add / change the following information: 

    • Recipient name

    • Street

    • Street number

    • Additional information (optional) 

    • Postal code

    • City

    • State (optional) 

    • Country

    • Company name (optional)

    • Recipient telephone number (optional)

    • Recipient email (optional)

  • Shipment contents → in this part, you can select which SKUs you want to send and their quantity. 

  • Order information → in this last part, you can add some information about the shipment itself 

    • Order number (even if it’s an option, we highly recommend adding an order number to be able to identify your shipment easily on the dashboard

    • Invoice number (you only have to add this information if your order will go through customs)

    • Type of goods (you only have to add this information if your order will go through customs)

To finish the process you just have to check all the information and to click on the button “Create shipment”. If you have several warehouses, the system will ask from which warehouse you want to send your shipment, so you just have to select the one you want. 

Once it will be done, please be aware that your shipment will be “created” but not “released”, which means that the warehouse is still not able to see your shipment and to send it out. To be able to fulfill your shipment, you should select it on the “Created” tab and release it. 

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