Multi Unit shipment is a feature that allows you and also the warehouse to see the exact units (parcels, pallets) any given shipment consists of and what are their contents. 

What exactly is meant by this?

  • A shipment can be comprised of one or more units

  • Each unit represents a parcel or pallet

  • Units have their own dimensions and tracking data

  • The contents of each unit are represented

  • Labels and documents are generated for units, rather than shipments

How does it work?

  • After a shipment is packed, you can see its units in Customer Dashboard in Shipments>Warehouse/Sent/All>Shipment Detail view 

You can see the unit, once a warehouse packages a unit. 

It will show up in the Units tab. 

Also important, that units can be sent individually. They will receive their own tracking number. In case the units are sent separately, the status of the shipment will change only when all its units are sent.

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