Dangerous goods (DG) in the context of our system are products that, due to the materials that constitute them, when transported are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. 

This DG Products are characterised by having an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) document and a corresponding UN Number, that unequivocally identifies the type of dangerous substance existing in the product.

Creation of a DG Product

In the Customer Dashboard it is now possible to create DG products, by selection the option "Product is a dangerous good":

After toggling the DG option a new section will open to indicate which UN number is associated to the Product. More than 1 UN Numbers can be linked to the Product according to the information present in the MSDS document.

When clicking on the field to add the UN Number, the supported DGs will be listed and only those can be associated to the Product. Once a UN number id added, it will be necessary to add the quantity of the dangerous good in the Product, this can be in grams, litres, etc, according to what is in the MSDS document.

Two additional required fields are the total weight of the product and the upload of the MSDS document. Only after adding that information it will be possible to save the product.

In the Product list page it will be visible if a product is a DG, by the icon in the Info columns and also in the Product details section, indicating the UN Number:

On the Shipment list page, shipments with DG products will be flagged as Dangerous Goods with the same DG symbol:

Supported Dangerous Goods

The list bellow includes all the currently supported DG type and corresponding UN Numbers, as well as their limit per package:

Technical Change

Given that at the moment for DG of type Limited Quantities (LQ) can only be shipped in Germany using GLS, it will be necessary to request the Application Support team to add the the User (Customer) CarrierSelector the following configuration:

Questions and Answers

Is this new feature available to all Customers?

No, on an initial it will be only available to existing Customers who already ship DG products, or existing/new customers for which we accepted starting shipping DG products. Once procedures are more defined for handling these request it will be made available to all customer.

How much does it cost the customer?

Dangerous good fees are still being reviewed and the charging automation process being developed.