Uploading products from a CSV file

Modified on Fri, 29 Jul 2022 at 01:28 PM

It is now possible to import Products via CSV file in our Customer Dashboard.

To access this option, you just need to click on the "New Product" button on the Inventory page (as before to create a single Product using the creation form):

By default, it will select the "CSV Import" option, but if you want to create the product using our Create form, it can still be done by selecting the "Manually" tab:

Once the file is updated with all the products to import, you just need to drop the CSV file into the dotted rectangle on the page or click it to open the file browser.

Here is a description of the columns/headers supported in the CSV file.

Header/Field name


Description/Possible values



SKU identifier as in the e-commerce shop. (Mandatory field)



Name of the product. (Mandatory field)



Cost of the product from the supplier. (Mandatory field)



If it's an organic product or not (special storage required), accepts TRUE/FALSE



Indicated if Lots should be tracked when inbounding and shipping this product, accepts TRUE/FALSE.



If it's a fragile product, additional packaging required accepts TRUE/FALSE.


example description of product a

Description of the product.



The barcode that is on the product, it accepts digits and characters, depending on the barcode type selected.



Type of the barcode, it accepts "ean_13", "code_128", "gs1_128", "qr_code".



The stock level below which the product will be sent with the daily notification email (if activated).



Tariff Number accepts only digits with lengths of 6, 8, or 10.



Two letter country code of the origin of the product.



Weight of the product as sent to the warehouse.

Note: Only the 3 first columns are mandatory, while all others are optional. However, in the current version, if a column is included in the CSV file, the system will expect it to have valid data and will be allowed to upload if it's blank (this will be updated in a future version).

What are the mandatory fields in the CSV for creating a product?

The mandatory fields are "SKU", "name" and "net value", these need to be present in the file and filled in so that the file is accepted. All other fields are optional and the product will be created with those fields either empty or with the default value (for example, FALSE).

When uploading a CSV file with all the correct details of the product our system will indicate that all products passed the validation and are ready to upload.

Once you click on the "Create Products" button the new SKUs will be added to the Inventory list.

In case an existing product as the same SKU, then the details will be overwritten with the information provided in the CSV, since it isn't possible to have 2 products with the same SKU field.

If some of the products don't pass our validations, it will be shown in the system which products have errors, and the numbering will be the order by which the products are in the CSV file.

You can also decide to import only the products that pass the validation, by clicking on "Create Products", or instead click on the "Cancel" button and try again with the file corrected.

You can select the option to "Show errors only" to hide all the valid SKUs and just list the ones that have errors to more easily find what needs to the changed.

If none of the products in the CSV file passes our validations, you will only be able to click on the "Try Again" button and upload a new file with the errors fixed. 

"Try Again" button will allow uploading a new file:

There will be an error message in case the CSV file is missing any of the 3 mandatory fields:

At the moment the file uploader only supports CSV files with a maximum of 100 products, if you need to upload more than 100 Products, It will be necessary to split them into separate files. Otherwise, the dashboard will show the following error message:

In case of any further questions, please get in touch with our Support Team, and they can help you.

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