You can integrate your WooCommerce store into your byrd account within a few minutes. 

1. Log in to your Wordpress account.

2. Go to WooCommerce in the left menu bar and then to Settings. Next, click on API in the top tab bar.

3. Make sure that "Enable the REST API" function is activated.

4. Now click on Keys / Apps in the lower table bar and then on "Add key".

5. For the item description choose a suitable description, e.g. "byrd", set the authorization to "Read / Write" and then click on "Generate API key".

6. Now copy "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" into the form in your byrd account for shop integration.

7. Finally, the "Base URL" must be entered into the byrd app. To do this, go to "Status" in the left menu bar of your WooCommerce store and copy the "Home URL" of your byrd account into the form.

Now you're done with the setup. Please don't forget to save the changes you jus to these settings!