How to create Packaging material

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Note: scroll down to check out the pre-packaged product section

The dashboard includes a feature for managing customer-provided packaging material. It provides a comprehensive overview of all packaging materials received at the warehouse, enabling efficient stock tracking, similar to inventory products.

To access packaging materials, open the Customer Dashboard and Go to Inventory -> Packaging MaterialTo create a new Packaging Material, click on "New Packaging Material".

Here's an in-depth video:

After creating the packaging material, it will appear in the packaging material section with an icon indicating "pending validation" next to the calculated size group. Once the delivery arrives at the warehouse, the size will be validated. Successful validation removes the icon and the delivered packaging material is deducted from stock based on shipments. If there are variations between customer-entered and actual dimensions, the warehouse will edit and validate the updated dimensions in the system.

Pre-packed Products:

Customers can now create Ready-To-Ship products, by marking them as Pre-packed in the product creation form, indicating the outer dimensions of the pre-packed product.

You can create a pre-packed product, or, edit an existing product by switching on the pre-packed toggle:

When creating a prepacked product, you will need to specify the outer size of the packaging used for shipping. To provide a reference for sizing, the page will display the corresponding group size.

The weight is a mandatory field for all prepacked products.

After creating a prepacked product, it will be listed on the Product List page along with the corresponding icon. The product details will include dimensions and weight information.

Questions and Answers

Is this feature available to all Customers?

Yes, it will be available to all Customers.

Can a Prepacked Product be sent to the WH in a Delivery with other Products? 

Yes, the Prepacked products will work as any other existing product.

Is this feature free?

The feature is free for creating new prepackaged products. For shipments that solely consist of a prepackaged product and do not require any additional packaging material, only the ready-to-ship fee will be charged instead of packaging material and workforce fees.

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