Note: The creation of packaging material is only necessary for completely new packaging material, if you have already customer provided packaging material in stock, we will take care of the transfer to the new system as soon as we notified you about the activation of the feature. Only create new packaging material if there is none of the packaging material in the system yet. 

We have recently published a new feature to manage and create packaging material which is provided by the customer. It provides a good overview of all the packaging materials which were sent to the warehouse and enables to track the stock of the packaging material, similar to the inventory products. 

Where do I find the new packaging material feature?

Customer Dashboard -> Inventory -> Packaging Material 

The page provides you information about the SKU, Name, Type (Box/Envelope), Size (S,M,L,XL), Status (Active/Inactive) and the current Stock. 

The three dots on the right side give you the option to easily create a new delivery announcement in order to replenish the stock! You can also either edit or delete the packaging material through the three dots.

How do I create new packaging material ? 

In order to create new packaging material, click on the button "New Packaging Material" in the upper right corner. 

As soon as you have clicked on the button the creation page will open, it gives you the option to add relevant information about the Basic Infos, the Type and Additional Info of the packaging material.

  • Basic Info
    • Enter custom name for your internal identification
    • Enter unique identifier (SKU)
  • Type
    • Select type of packaging (Box/Envelope)
    • Enter outer measurements of the packaging material 
  • Additional Info 
    • Add information like an internal description, a certain reorder point or an barcode

As soon as you have created the packaging material it will show up in the packaging material section with a little icon next to the calculated size group, which shows that the packaging material is in the status "pending validation"

Now you are ready to announce a delivery to the warehouse with the packaging material. As soon as the packaging material delivery has arrived in the warehouse, the warehouse is going to validate the packaging material size. If the validation was successful the icon will disappear and the stock of the packaging material delivered will appear under stock, the stock will be deducted automatically based on the shipments. 

If the warehouse noticed variations of the by the customer entered dimensions and the actual dimensions of the packaging material, they will edit the dimensions of the packaging material in the system, and then validate it.