A lot of customers deliver their goods in already pre packed packaging units (e.g. SKU A with 25 items per packaging unit), the description below explains how to create packaging units and how to use the feature.

Term definitions:

P.U. - Packaging Unit; Secondary packaging material which usually contains several selling units, e.g. a tray which holds six beverages 

S.U. - Selling/Single Unit; An individual item packaged in primary packaging material which could be included in a packaging unit, e.g. one of the six beverages

How to create a product with P.U. in the customer dashboard: 

Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1: Go to inventory 
  • Step 2: Create a new product
  • Step 3: Enable the packaging unit feature
    • A packaging unit contains multiple selling units. If enabled, the warehouse will attempt to pick higher quantities more efficiently. (e.g. for B2B shipments, one order with 100 items -> P.U. Product with 50 items per P.U. = 2 picks)
  • Step 4: Add missing information 
    • Add number of selling/single unit items per packaging unit
    • Add Barcode (e.g. EAN 13) of packaging unit, in packaging unit pop up
    • Add Barcode of selling/single unit, in "additional info" section

Stuff you should know:

  • Changing this option without notifying the warehouse/byrd might lead to issues while processing your orders
  • Always inform Byrd when editing an existing product from selling unit/single unit to packaging unit
  • Make sure P.U. and S.U. have both an individual barcode which is entered at the product (see step 4)
  • At the moment the total number of selling/single units is displayed in the inventory under stock (not the number of available packaging units)