How to set CoD payment method in Shopify

You can easily set Cash on Delivery method in your Shopify following the steps below:

1. First of all you need to go to the "Settings" and select "Payments" then "Manual payments".

2. When end-customer is placing an order, during checkout process CoD payment method is offered:

3. There is a second way you can reproduce that by creating the order manually from the admin panel in Shopify:

Click on "Create order":

Select “Payment due later” option:

Then select Cash On Delivery option:

The order will be created with status “Payment pending”:

Once the order is created and fulfilment is requested for byrd, the order will be sync to the Customer Dashboard and appear like this:

and it is also possible to filter only CoD shipments in Customer Dashboard:

If there is any questions regarding this topic, we are always happy to help with more information. Please contact us via the Support Portal or e-mail.