In addition to the creation of Deliveries or the creation of a Packaging Material, it is possible to create a product manually. 

How to access the product creation page? 

To access the product creation page, you need to be on the Inventory page. Then, on the top right click on “New Product”, as in the image below. 

How to create a product? 

Once you will be on the page, you will have to fill in all the necessary information : 

  • Name of the product 

  • SKU 

  • Tick the necessary boxes, according to your products and your needs. Be aware that some costs can apply. To learn more about these, please refer to your pricing offer or ask the Customer Care Team or your Account Manager. 

    • Organic → select it when your product is considered organic. Be aware that some certifications can be requested in that situation. 

    • Track Lot & Expiry → select it and when a same SKU can have several different lots with several different expiry dates 

    • Fragile → select it when you consider your products as fragile (e.g. glass). The warehouse will add some extra packaging material (as bubble wrap for example), according to how it was negotiated with the Sales team or how it was discussed with the Customer Care team or your Account Manager.

  • Net Value → this is the cost of your product, not the sale price. Needed in case of claim with the carrier or for customs clearance. Please, upload the “evidence” in the meantime, it will be necessary for asking for a claim to the carrier (if your shipment is damaged, lost, etc…). 

  • Additional info 

    • Barcode type 

    • Barcode value 

    • Description (optional)

    • Reorder point (optional) → you will receive an alert when you hit the value that you’ll enter. Please, be aware that you also need to enable notifications to get his alert, for that, click on your customer name on the top right of your screen, then “Settings” → “Configurations” → “Notifications” → Tick the box “Send mail notifications” → Click on “Save changes”

  • Customs info (this information is necessary as soon as a shipment will have to go through customs, which means orders going outside of EU) 

    • Customs tariff number

    • Weight

    • Country of origin

To finish the process, you just have to check all the information you set and click on the " Confirm " button. Then your product will appear on your product list and you’ll be able to edit it as soon as you need. 

How to create a bundle? 

First of all, what is a bundle? A bundle is a SKU composed of 2 (or more) of your products (created as explained above). For example, if in your shop you sell a skin care cream and a shampoo, you maybe want to have a bundle including these 2 different products as only one product. 

To create this bundle, here is the way to do : 

  • On the top right, select “Bundle” instead of “Product”

  • Add the Name of the bundle 

  • Add the SKU

  • Add the Description (optional)

  • Select the Bundle ingredients (which means the individual product which will composed your bundle)

  • Add the Customs info, as for the product above