A report on the inventory in the warehouse can be easily downloaded from the customer dashboard. The download is available in the "Inventory" area using the "Download inventory" button at the top right of the screen.

The inventory report can be exported with or without batch information. If the "Include batch information" option is selected, one row per SKU and one for each individual LOT number is included for each SKU in which batch tracking is activated.

The first line (see example below, line number 2 in the table) contains the general product information. The other lines (lines 3-9 in the example) include the batch number (column “Lot Number”), the best-before date (column “Expiry Date”) and further information about the batch.

Physical Stock vs Reserved Stock

As soon as an order is released, the corresponding inventory is “reserved” for the products it contains. This prevents more orders from being released than products are available. This reservation is made in two steps. In the first step, the inventory is reserved at the warehouse level. At this point it has not yet been determined which batch or storage location is used for picking.

In the second step, the pick is planned in the warehouse and a batch or storage location is determined. For this reason, the "Reserved Stock" is reserved first in the line without LOT information (i.e. at the warehouse level) and then in the line with LOT information (i.e. at the LOT or storage location level).

Once the pick is complete, the physical inventory will be reduced and the reserved inventory released.

Calculate available inventory

In order to calculate the actually available stock (the stock that is still available for sale), the column total must first be calculated from “Reserved Stock” and then deducted from the column total from “Physical Stock”.

This can easily be done with a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Column description

    SKU: The Stock Keeping Unit of the product

    Lot Number: The lot number

    Expiry Date: The best-before date of the batch

    Not Before: The earliest shipment date of the batch

    Not After: The latest shipment date of the batch

    Lot Activated: batch activated or deactivated for picking

    Physical Stock: The physical stock

    Reserved Stock: The reserved stock