In order to improve the experience when announcing a delivery we recently published the new re-designed delivery announcement page! This enables you a more convenient and comprehensive announcement process through the customer dashboard.

The following screenshots highlight the recent changes:

1. the delivery announcement can be found under Inventory > Deliveries > New Delivery

2. The re-designed delivery announcement page will give you first the option to either upload manual or via CSV, then you are able to select the product and quantities you want to announce. Please check our delivery guidelines and requirements before you send your delivery, deliveries which arrive at the warehouse not according to our guidelines might get rejected, or additional fees could be charged for inbounding. 


3. Select how the delivery will be sent, either through pallets or parcels. If your delivery requires counting you are also able to select this option. 

4. Enter further information about where, how and when it will be delivered. If you have a multi warehouse setup you can select the warehouse you would like to deliver to, as well as the carrier and the delivery type. (at the moment only the regular truck delivery type will be available for most customers, at a later stage all customers will also have the option to select if the delivery will be a container delivery or a truck delivery) The last step in this section is to select a time frame for the estimated time of arrival (for more information on the lead time for delivery notices we require prior to arrival, depending on size, please refer to the delivery guidelines)

5. Get a summary about your delivery and further information regarding counting and customs requirements