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In order to guarantee a smooth and timely inbounding of your delivery, it is extremely important that our inbounding standards are met.

Please see here our Delivery Standards


Please attach a delivery note containing information about SKUs, product names and quantity to every parcel/pallet. Please make sure to place it outside of the box/pallet for clear visibility!

In addition, make sure that the byrd delivery ID (which is provided in the byrd dashboard after creating the announcement) is visible on each parcel or pallet.

If the delivery does not meet the specified criteria, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance.

1. First, go to the Inventory section of the dashboard and click on deliveries. Click on the + New Delivery button on the upper right side to announce a new delivery. 

2. Now the System will guide you to a screen where you can enter all the necessary information for your delivery. Enter the amount of arriving pallets OR parcels, choose the courier and provide the tracking code (You can enter the tracking code later as well). You can pick the carrier from a drop down menu which will deliver the items or choose “Other” for any other forwarding agent / shipping company. For the latter, please provide the name of the carrier. Also Enter the expected delivery timeframe (min. 3 days).

Indicate if your delivery contains only one SKU (single-item delivery is yes) or multiple SKUs (single-item delivery is no). For "Count Delivery Items" please indicate ‘yes’ to let the warehouse know to count your products arriving.

Finally, click "Submit" and you are all set!

3. See and track all your announced deliveries when you go to Deliveries -> Announced. By clicking on the arrow next to the Delivery ID you get detailed information on a delivery. By clicking on the little pen and paper symbol you can download the Delivery Note with Delivery ID required to be attached on every parcel or pallet. Next to it you can edit your delivery by clicking on the pen symbol.

For questions regarding announced deliveries, please submit a ticket within the support portal.