Integrating your Shopify store with byrd is easily done and only takes a couple of minutes. 

1. Log-in to Shopify / the Admin interface via your browser.





2. Select "Apps" 




3. Select "Develop apps" 


4. Select "Create an app". 


  5. Enter a name, e.g. "byrd" for your private app. 


6. Click on “Configure Admin API scopes” 



Take a look at the "Admin API access scopes" settings and change the following setting to "Read": 


         ● Customers

Change the following settings to "Read & Write": 


    ●  Assigned fulfillment orders 

  • ●  Fulfillment services 
    ●  Inventory 
    ●  Order editing 
    ●  Orders 
    ●  Products 
    ●  Shipping 

  • ●  Third-party fulfillment orders


  • Make sure to save the changes you made


  •  7. Go to “API credentials” and click on “Install app” 


8. Reveal your Admin API access token. This token can only be revealed ONCE, so please make sure to save it somewhere. You will need to communicate it with your onboarding manager 




For the account settings, you also need to copy and save the shop domain. This is easily done in your browser's address bar: 


9. That's all! Please don't forget to save all the changes you made, and contact us if you run into any problems.