Integrating your Shopify store with byrd is easily done and only takes a couple of minutes.

1. Log-in to Shopify / the Admin interface via your browser

2. Select "Apps"

3. Select "Manage private apps"

4. Select "Create a new private app".

5. Enter a name, e.g. "byrd" for your private app. Take a look at the "Admin API" settings (unroll settings by clicking on "Review disabled Admin API permissions") and change the following setting to "Read":

  • Customer details and customer groups

Change the following settings to "Read & Write":

  • Fulfillment services
  • Inventory
  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
  • Product information 
  • Products, variants and collections 
  • Shipping rates, countries and provinces


Make sure to save the changes you made:

6. You're almost done now. Just copy and save the information displayed under "API key" and "Shared secret"  in order to paste them into the respective fields in your byrd account settings (

For the account settings, you also need to copy and save the shop domain. This is easily done in your browser's address bar:

7. Check the shop configuration:

Shopify has a "Multi Location Fulfillment" feature. In order for synchronisation between Shopify and byrd to work, you will have to set a warehouse. To do this, please navigate to "Products" -> "All products" and select which products you would like to ship with byrd.

Next, select "Edit products".

In case the fields "Fulfillment Service" and "Track quantity" are not displayed, please add them by selecting "Add fields".

Set the fulfillment service to byrd and click "Save". Now we can start shipping your products.

In the column "Track quantity", please select „byrd tracks this variant’s inventory“ for all products shipped via byrd. This is to make sure we can keep track of stock quantities.

8. That's all! Please don't forget to save all the changes you made, and  contact us if you run into any problems.