Christmas is just around the corner and online trading is entering the hottest phase of the year. As you know, the shipping companies are under a lot of stress during this time and are reaching their limits when it comes to delivering parcels. That's why it's important to ship orders in time to make sure they're under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. To assist you in satisfying your customers in this regard, we have put together a list of recommended deadlines for receiving orders.

Please note that these are non-binding recommendations. If you have excluded shipping companies from your contract, it is best to contact us directly to clarify your individual deadlines. We would also like to point out that we will not send any parcels on 24.12 and 31.12, as the logistics centres will remain closed on these days.

We recommend the deadlines below for the transmission of orders. Please note that orders will be sent to byrd by midnight of the specified day. These details are non-binding recommendations from byrd and are calculated on the basis of the standard transit times of the shipping service providers.

The list and further information can be found here: