Can my storage be checked for wrong content?

> During the Christmas season, all requests for storage check either due to wrong content shipped to your customer will have to wait till after the busy season. Stocks can be checked and verified again after the Christmas season.

Why hasn’t my returns been handled?

> All returns will be handled and processed by all the warehouses once a week. 

Can I deliver shipments during the Christmas period?

> Please find all important Deadlines about Deliveries HERE.

Deadline for Pallet or Parcel Deliveries: Friday, 12.11.2021.

Note: Deliveries need to follow our Standards to be inbounded.

Can I have pictures of my deliveries?

> Please note that the warehouse workers will focus on sending out as many of your parcels as possible and will not focus on taking pictures of deliveries during the X-Mas season. 

There was an issue with my order. Can I cancel it?

> Orders that have been packed or picked can not be cancelled anymore.

My orders were delayed. Can it be released after the cutoff time?

> This will not be possible. Please ensure all orders are within the cut off time to prevent delays.

Can I have a Quality check on my products?

> Quality checks can be handled after the 31.12 again. Before, the warehouse workers will focus on sending out as many of your parcels as possible.

I need cost estimations for the disposal of my products

> All  requests for the disposal of products and cost estimations will be ignored and only handled after 31.12.