To connect your Woocommerce shop, please follow the following steps:

1- Start by logging into your byrd account. Go to your name (top right corner, drop-down arrow) , click on Profile. Click on Shop Connections in the horizontal list.

2- Click on New Shop Connection then on Woocommerce. You will then have to fill out the Shop Name and Shop Domain. Click Save.

Note: When filling in the Shop Domain please make sure to type https:// at the beginning 

2- You will be directed to Woocommerce. Click on 'Approve' button to be redirected to byrd CD. Shop is now connected.


3- EXTRA Step: To check for webhooks being connected, log into your Woocommerce account, hover over Woocommerce in left list, click on Settings.


4- Click on Advanced, click on Webhooks

5- You should see the webhooks being active (updated, created, deleted) So when an order is placed, it can be seen in the byrd dashboard under Shipments -> New Shipments -> Shop Import