Shipment takes an unusually long time

If a shipment has been out for delivery for an unusually long time, this may be due to various reasons: transport delay by the shipping partner, for example. To find out, take a look at the tracking link or shipment tracking. In cases where this does not help to clarify the situation, you are welcome to contact us to investigate this case further. Please send us a message including

  • Shipment number, recipient name and order number
  • Nature and description of the problem

In case we need to hand in a report to any carrier because the parcel can't be found, please provide these documents:

  • Invoice to recipient
  • Proof of net purchase value or production costs

Package contents are damaged

Unfortunately, it can happen that a package or its contents get damaged during transport. We advise each recipient not to accept a parcel that shows visible traces of damage on delivery if it can be assumed that the contents are damaged. If, after opening a parcel, damage is apparent, please forward this information to us. In such cases, we absolutely need the following information:

  • Shipment number, recipient name and order number
  • Photos of the outer and inner packaging and the damaged article
  • Invoice to recipient
  • Proof of net purchase value or production costs

Additionally, in order not to lose any claims for damages, the damaged shipment must be inspected in the country of destination. Ideally, the recipient should inquire about this inspection process with his or her national postal service, as different requirements might have to be met (e.g. inspection at the branch or via photo documentation).

The recipient then receives the assessment document via his or her postal service. They can then send us this document which we submit to the investigation.

Wrong content was sent

That's annoying! We strive to process 100% of all orders error free at all times. If this did not work, please contact us and we will take care of it immediately! In order to be able to act fast and appropriately, please let us know the following:

  • Shipment number, recipient name and order number
  • Description of the error
  • Photos of the outer and inner packaging as well as the delivered package (if available)

We adhere to the following deadlines

In order to process a complaint, we ask you to provide us with this information within a few days of delivery, or in cases where delivery has not taken place, as soon as we are aware of the problem. If the above-mentioned information and documents are not provided on time, all claims of this complaint shall lapse. Please note the following deadlines:

  • Complaint (e.g. delay, loss of shipment, wrong content delivered) -> 15 working days 
  • Damage report (in case of damage) -> 3 working days

All complaints and damage reports should be reported to Please remember to provide all supporting information and documents as necessary.

We will then process your request and send you a reply as soon as possible. Normally we complete the review of such a case within a few working days. Should it be necessary to contact a shipping partner, however, we are bound by their response and processing times. At the moment they need about 6-8 weeks to process a claim. In the event of a refund of lost or damaged parcels, we will contact you after completion of the process to agree the settlement of the damage incurred. Please note that open claims cannot be mixed with current invoices!

Tip: If a recipient cannot wait for an answer, you can create a manual replacement shipment in the system and tell us the order number. 

If you have any further questions, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions (currently only available in German).