If the delivery does not meet the specified criteria, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance. 

If additional costs are incurred due to a non-conforming delivery, we reserve the right to charge the costs accordingly.

In order to guarantee a smooth and on time inbounding of your delivery, it is extremely important that our inbounding standards are met.

Announcing your deliveries:

Your first delivery must be announced in time so that the logistics team in the warehouse can create capacities for them. This way, the goods can be entered into the system immediately after arrival. The following deadlines apply: 

  • 1st delivery - min. 1 week in advance
  • deliveries with new products - min. 1 week in advance
  • subsequent deliveries - min. 3 days in advance

Please make sure to stick to the following whilst announcing your delivery:

  • Correct quantities of pallets or parcels to be announced
  • Full list of planned SKUs to be announced
  •  In case you can't guarantee that pallets or parcels will arrive at the same day - create separate delivery announcement and mark deliveries with corresponding Delivery-ID 

>> Follow this Link to learn How to announce a delivery of products in the Dashboard

Minimum requirements for box deliveries:

  • Clear externally visible declaration of the products/ SKUs contained in the box,
  • Safe and sorted arrangement of the products in the box, 
  • Maximum weight of 30 kg per box,
  • Attached delivery note and packing list,
  • Byrd delivery ID indicated on each box.

Minimum requirements for pallet deliveries:

  • Stable and carefully stacked boxes on the pallet, 
  • Clear declaration of the products/ SKUs on the pallet; in the case of mixed pallets, individual layers of different articles must be clearly separated from one another, 
  • Maximum height and weight as indicated in the warehouse details that you have received, 
  • Attached delivery note and packing list,
  • Byrd delivery ID indicated on each pallet.  

Additional recommended requirements:

  • If possible, one SKU only per box/pallet,
  • Ideally barcodes of the products/SKUs in the box/on the pallet.

Following the announcement, deliveries go through the subsequent procedure:

1. In the warehouse - The goods are accepted by our warehouse employees. 

2. In progress - The goods are counted, and the actual number is entered into our system where a possible difference can be determined. 

3. Stored - As soon as the counting is completed, the goods are added to the inventory storage.