To process your deliveries as quickly as possible, the byrd dashboard provides a simple and self-explanatory feature for you: The Inventory. Please announce every delivery via this feature! Here are some tips for how this works.

1. First, check inventory of all products

2. Now click on “Nachliefern/ Replenish” for each respective SKU to announce a new delivery of the product concerned. The System will guide you to a screen where you can enter all the necessary information

3. Please continue by entering the expected delivery time

4. Finally you can pick the carrier from a drop down menu which will deliver the items or choose “Andere/ Other” for any other forwarding agent / shipping company. For the latter, please provide name and if possible a tracking or delivery number. 

Other shipping company

Finally, click "Send" and you are all set!

For questions regarding announced deliveries, please submit a ticket within the support portal.