On the start page you can go directly to the ticket area. Simply select one of the two buttons and you can view your current tickets.

In the ticket area you can see your inquiries, sort them and also search for keywords or ticket numbers. It looks something like this:

It is also possible to sort "All Tickets" / to filter and view only certain ones. You can use the following filters:

What does status mean?

  1. Open = Request submitted and is currently being processed
  2. Pending = Waiting for an answer from you
  3. Resolved / Closed = Everything answered and clarified
  4. Waiting on Carrier = Waiting for reply from shipping partner
  5. Waiting on Partner = Waiting for an answer from the warehouse
  6. Waiting on Tech = Waiting for an answer from IT

What does export tickets mean? With the Export function you can compile and download a CSV file. This offers you optimal control of your inquiries down to the last detail. Just put together your individual download and download it by clicking on "Export".