New shipments can be imported into the byrd system using CSV upload. The advantage is that several consignments can be ordered at once in this way.

The CSV file must have a certain structure, you can find a template for it here.

How to fill out the file is explained in the table below, for which the following explanation applies:

  • Field name: The first line in the CSV template, which asks for appropriate information.
  • Level: On the one hand, there is the shipment level. This is information that only has to be entered once per shipment / order. The shipments are summarised based on the order_number. Accordingly, this information only has to be entered once per order_number. On the other hand, product level information is required for each product / line.
  • Description: A brief description of the information needed.
  • Defined options: Some fields require the specification of certain defined values. These are separated in the table with “;”.
  • Mandatory if: Some fields only have to be filled in certain cases. This column specifies which these are.

Please note that the upload of EU broadcasts and non-EU broadcasts must be done separately. You can see the list of customs tariff numbers here.